Slides and Hinges


The product you have purchased includes Blum lift systems, concealed hinges and/or drawer runners, the finest in functional hardware. In keeping with our commitment to quality, integrity, and expert workmanship, this hardware meets or exceeds the highest industry standard requirements.

Limited Warranty

Blum, Inc. (Blum) warrants its lift systems, hinges and/or drawer runners, contained in this product against defects in material and workmanship for as long as the original consumer purchaser owns the products. ask andy . Blum will send the original consumer purchaser, without charge, new Blum hardware to
replace any defective Blum hardware subject to this warranty. Click here (link to blum warranty)

Soft Close

We can include soft close on all door and drawers to eliminate the noise and reduce the wear that comes with repeated slamming.

Easy to Adjust

The new generation of slides and hinges are not your grandmother’s slides and hinges. To handle the shifting that is inevitable with years of moister changes and heavy usage, blum slides can be adjusted in multiple directions and angles so they fit and look as nice 20 years from now as the day they were installed.

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