Benefits of Custom Cabinets


Custom built means that your cabinets are built to fit your exact measurements within 1/16 of an inch. Contrast this to stock cabinets that are built in sizing increments of 3 inches in width. Filler boards are then used fill in the gaps between the stock cabinets.

Features and Options

Custom cabinets let you choose from a much wider palette of features, styling details and finishing options. Combine painted, stained, glazed, and distressed finishes for a truly unique look. We can match existing paint and stain colors or we can create something totally new and unique to your kitchen that will satisfy the interior designer within you!


Most stock cabinets are vastly inferior in quality to Amish Custom Cabinets. Here are a few of the differences. The majority of stock cabinet manufacturers use particle boards for the sides back and shelves of their cabinets. These very heavy boards will warp and begin to smell when exposed to high amounts of moisture. We use only high quality plywood with a wooden core so even the non-visible parts of your cabinets are sturdy and moisture resistant.

Another area to watch out for this the missing mounting strip. Quality Custom Cabinets include a strip of wood on the insides of the cabinet that allow them to be fastened very securely to the stud walls. Without is strip, the heads of the fastening screws can easily pull though the backing of the cabinets allowing them to literally fall off the wall!

Here are a few more things to be on the lookout for when purchasing cabinets…

  • Thin plywood or cheap plywood that uses a sponge filler. Not all plywoods are created equal.
  • Particle Boards that are laminated and look great when they are new.
  • Hot-melt glue & Staples
  • Plastic drawer slide mounts and shelf clips
  • Cheap drawer boxes without dove-tailing
  • Cheap varnishes and 1 step finishes.

While not all stock cabinets employ every cheap manufacturing method, the price is usually a good indication of quality of a stock cabinet.

To give you an idea of some of the problems you may encounter with the leading brands of prefabricated cabinetry we have provided links to reviews posted by real people on an independent cabinet review website. Almost none of them have a satisfaction rating of 50% or better.

Aristokraft, Diamond, Shenandoah, Masterbrand, Kraftmaid, Merillat, Ikea, Armstrong, Wellborn, other brands.

Environmentally friendly

Regardless of the material used on the doors and drawer fronts, the box and drawers of many cabinet brands are constructed from particleboard and medium density fiberboard MDF. These materials contain urea formaldehyde glue, which can off-gas toxins into the home. Additionally cheap cabinets have a much shorter lifespan and hence create several times the amount of landfill material than their all wood counterparts.

Built in USA

Amish cabinets are built stateside by competent, skilled craftsmen. Cheap stock cabinets on the other hand are often outsourced and mass assembled by low skilled assembly line workers. Not only are you getting better cabinets, but you’re helping keep America’s economy strong.

When you need YOUR cabinets

Like all things in life along with the positive there is usually a negative. With custom cabinets the most significant of these is the slightly higher cost. When compared with some of the higher quality stock cabinets, custom cabinets can add another 10%-20% to your cost. There is also a wait time of about 8 weeks to get a custom kitchen built which may be deterrent depending on how quickly you need your cabinets.


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