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Select your hardwood
Select your doors style If you are unsure leave this set on standard as that will cover most of the doors we do
Select your door overlay
Select your drawer front There are 7-12 drawers in a typical kitchen
Would you like any other finish options
Click all that apply
Glazed - adds 10%
Distressed - adds 5%
Paint Rubbed Through - adds 5%
Cracked Paint - adds 5%
What is the height of your cabinets
7' 7.5' 8' 8.5' Staggered Heights
What is the total wall space of your cabinets and appliances, NOT including the island and bar?
You get this by measuring along the walls where your cabinets will run. This measurement shall include the areas covered by dishwasher, oven, and refrigerator. Remember: No Island or Bar in this measurement!
How many corners were in your above measurement?
Note: it is only a considered a corner if cabinets extend for more than 24 " in both directions from corner. see example
0 1 2 3
How many windows were within
your measured wall space?
0 1 2 3
Average kitchen window is 30". If your windows are substantially larger or smaller, enter the total width of each kitchen window here. Otherwise leave this field blank
Click on the appliances that will be in your kitchen
Built-in Wall Oven and range top
Free standing oven and range
Stainless steel range hood that extends to ceiling
Microwave or partial height range hood with cabinet above
Will this kitchen include an Island? Rectangle Diagonal
No Island
Yes, a rectangle island
Yes, a Diagonal Island
What is the approximate length of the island? Note: for diagonal island measure around inner edge
48" 60" 72" 84"
What is the width of the island?TThis field only applies to rectangle shaped bars Don't include any countertop overhang in this mesurement
24" 36" 48"
What is approximate length of your bar? Start measurement from front of base cabinet
48" 60" 72" None
Hardwood Panels on exposed cabinet ends?

Here is price estimate to upgrade to hardwood panels
Upper cabinet per side ................... $60
Base cabinet per side .................. $90
Floor to ceiling cabinet per side ............... $240
Bar & island backs ... $180 - $290
No, just smooth finished ends on all exposed cabinet ends
Yes, hardwood panels on exposed cabinet ends and bar backs
Click on all the features you would like to include in this set of cabinets

A few of the more common ones are already clicked

For your convenience these features will be priced individually on your estimate
Add Soft Close to Drawer Slides - $11 per drawer
Add Soft Closeto Door hinges - $10 per door
Refrigerator Enclosure Cabinet - $185
Pantry Cabinet / with adjustable shelves - $200
Pantry Cabinet / with rollout tray - $617
Broom/Utility Closet - $250
Rollout Trays installed in a base cabinet - $200
Wooden Stove Hood various styles to choose from - $155-$300
An Additional All-Drawer Base Cabinet-- (1st one is standard feature) - $76
Wooden Refrigerator Front Panels - $400
Wooden Dishwasher Front Panels - $200
Decorative Plate Holder - $348
Appliance Garage- $300
Upgrade corner cabinets from angled corner to 90° corner- $220 per corner
Lazy Susan --Plastic 2-tier - $130
Lazy Susan --Wooden 2-tier- $220
Spice Shelf -- Mounted on inside of cabinet door - $130
Pullout Spice Rack - $240
Pull-out Trash Bin - $150
Glass Front Display Drawers- $100
Pullout Bread Board- $120
Deluxe Paneled Arched Window Valance - $300
Carved Corbels --Set of 2 - $200
Wooden Cutlery Divider for drawer for drawer - $60
Wine Rack -- Grid style with stem-glass holders - $300
Easy Access doors on back-side of a bar or island - $300-$500
3 Drawer unit fixed beneath upper cabinet -- 1st set - $400
3 Drawer unit fixed beneath upper cabinet -- 2nd set - $400
Mixer Lift -- Mounts in base cabinet - $275
Twisted of fluted post fronts on a base cabinet - $110
Twisted of fluted post fronts on a tall cabinet - $260
Under Cabinet Molding
Crown Molding
Apply Dentil or Rope Inlay to Crown Molding
Will we need to remove old cabinets before installing?
No Yes
How soon do you anticipate having your cabinets installed
How did you find out about us?
Additional Notes
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Allow one business day. Estimate will be sent via email

If you have a drawing of your cabinetry that you would like to send us it would be useful in calculating your price estimation.

This estimation is not final, and is not legally binding. It is meant to give you an approximate cost. We will then, at your request, follow up with a house call where we will get exact measurements, display samples, discuss the cabinets in more detail, and append the estimate if necessary.

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