Common Questions About Kitchen Islands

Your kitchen is a very special place inside your home. Used to bring your family together multiple times every day, it is one of the most used rooms for family activities and it is one of the most scrutinized areas of the home for potential home buyers. If you plan on a remodel, kitchen upgrades are a great option because they typically increase the value of the home over time.

One of the most popular additions to kitchens today are kitchen islands. Kitchen islands are small stand-alone cabinet and countertop spaces that sit in the middle of the kitchen giving you more functionality, more workspace, and more storage. Before you start your kitchen remodeling with all of your kitchen ideas, here are a few common questions about kitchen islands that you may be interested in first:

How Much Room Is Required?

Kitchen islands can provide a lot of functionality but that is only if there is enough room in your home to have them installed. When it comes to kitchen remodeling you may want to break out a measure tape to see how much actual walking space you have. For kitchen islands to sit comfortably in a home, you probably want 3 to 4 feet (36 to 48 inches) of space all around the island itself so no one is too crowded while in the kitchen.

Should You Use Premade Or Custom Built Kitchen Islands?

If you are considering kitchen islands as part of your kitchen ideas you have two options to choose from: premade cabinets or custom built cabinets. If you are strictly trying to get the best quality available, you simply cannot beat custom cabinets for your island. Custom cabinets are built to fit your exact needs, whether you are just needing extra space for storing things, are a passionate home baker, or want a place to build in garbage cans food prep areas without taking up the rest of your counter space.

Premade kitchen islands are usually just square, standard islands that simply add more countertop and a base to your kitchen. Traditionally made out of pressboard or some type of particle board, the quality of laminate kitchen islands against all natural hard wood is clearly noticeable. Laminate islands are prone to leaking, warping, and scratching all within a short period of time.

Will A Kitchen Island Add Value To The Home?

If your home is big enough to comfortably fit an island, it is a very valuable addition to your space. A lot of potential home buyers seek out properties that specifically have kitchen islands installed because it is currently trending in the market. Having a custom made island that combines storage, countertop space, and seating possibilities is a great way to attract buyers and add a higher price tag to your home if you sell later.

Looking For A Custom Cabinet Maker?

If you are looking for someone to create custom kitchen islands for your properties, you are in the right place. With decades of experience between our team, we know exactly how to create kitchen islands that are beautiful as well as extremely functional. We offer a wide range of finishes including stained and glazed cabinets, multiple woods such as cherry cabinets, oak cabinets, and maple cabinets and much more. If you are interested in hearing more about our business, give us a call or send an email and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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