Choosing The Right Wood For Your Kitchen Cabinets

If you are planning on having custom cabinets installed in your home, you will have complete control over every aspect of your cabinets. Not only does this include any specific additions to your cabinets such as corner drawers, built in cutting boards, appliance covers, and overall design, it also includes the absolute basic aspects of your cabinets as well: the wood. Choosing the right wood for your Amish cabinets will be the starting point for how your cabinets will look down the road and how sturdy they will be.

Here are a few different types of wood that are used for cabinets that you may want to know about to add to your kitchen ideas. Each have different grain styles, natural hues, and other unique characteristics so choose the one that suits you best:

Cherry Cabinets

Cherry cabinets are made out of cherry wood and are one of the most widely known cabinets in the world. They have a natural pink hue and over time they age by getting darker and redder. This effect can be even more pronounced if the cabinets are exposed to a lot of light, so make sure you consult a professional to test colors if you plan on using cherry wood for your stained or painted cabinets.

Hickory Cabinets

Hickory cabinets are some of the sturdiest cabinets you can have installed. As a very heavy and dense wood, hickory cabinets can withstand bumps and dings quite easily and are a great choice if you have a lot of heavy kitchen equipment. One thing to note about hickory is that the color can be very contrast and no two cabinet doors will look alike. For some this is bothersome and for others it adds to their unique kitchen.

Maple Cabinets

Maple cabinets are considered to be a medium wood to some but it is very durable. Typically when building maple cabinets the color is going to be very light and the grain is mellow making maple a great choice for those that want a very natural wood look in their kitchen. It also does well with staining so some homeowners choose maple cabinets and have them stained a redder color and it can look like cherry wood without the price of cherry cabinets.

Oak Cabinets

When you think of kitchen cabinets, you probably think of oak cabinets. With wide, sweeping grain oak gives that traditional, timeless and even rustic feel to cabinets. Oak also stains very well because it is lighter than many other woods so its color can be adjusted to your liking. Oak cabinets are not only great for kitchens but they make excellent bathroom cabinets as well because of their durability. Glazed cabinets that create a very contrasted look do well with oak as a base wood.