Choosing the Right Finish for Your Kitchen Cabinets

Whether you are building a new property or looking to remodel, kitchen cabinets are something that you should pay attention to very closely. In the kitchen they are what is seen first as they are typically at eye level, they are a focal point of any home, and the difference in decent-looking cabinets and stunning cabinets could mean thousands (or tens of thousands) if you plan on selling your home in the future.

During your kitchen remodeling, choosing the right finish or color for your cabinets is very important. To keep your kitchen design looking as good as possible, here are a few kitchen ideas to help you decide on the right finish for your cabinet doors and frames:   

The Different Type Of Cabinet Finishes

Depending on your wood shop, cabinet shop, or cabinet maker you are most likely going to have four categories to decide between initially for your kitchen design. These are:

  • Painted – Painted cabinets are covered in paint to give an even look and are typically chosen to not show the grain.
  • Stained – Cabinets that are stained usually accent the grain of the wood. Many times this is for a natural appearance that boosts the color of the wood itself but there are also colored stains as well.
  • Glazed – Glazed cabinets have an extra layer of color added that brings out contrast very well. Cabinet doors with any dips and grooves will be accented for a striking appearance.
  • Distressed – Distressed cabinets may be painted, stained, or glazed cabinets that have some of the coating purposely scraped off to make the cabinets look old, worn, and antique despite being new.

Keep The Size Of Your Space In Mind

In addition to determining what type of finish you want, it’s important that you think about your kitchen’s size when planning your kitchen design. If you have a small kitchen, dark stains and finishes can make the space feel even smaller so light colors and stains work well in tighter spaces. If you have a large kitchen and are consider kitchen islands, the island itself can be stained to either match or contrast the rest of the cabinetry.

The Type Of Wood Your Cabinets Are Made Of Matters

When going through kitchen idea, make sure you keep the type of wood your cabinets are made of in mind. If you are planning on having stained cabinets and you have certain woods such as hickory cabinets, cherry cabinets, or oak cabinets be aware the wood itself will change the color of the stain.

If you have cherry cabinets, for example, the color of the stain will become redder as it sits on the wood, especially after a few months or years. Making sure you work with your cabinet builder to test different stains on these particular wood types is important because the color on the can won’t always match what it looks like on the wood.

When Choosing A Color, Timeless Works Best

No matter what style of cabinet finish you choose, when you are picking a color it is recommended that you stick with something that will always look great. Rich browns, light whites, natural finishes, and

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