7 Tips To Maximize Space In A Small Kitchen

If you have a small or narrow kitchen, finding enough space for all of your cooking equipment, appliances, and groceries can be difficult. To make sure you are getting the most out of your kitchen design, here are 7 tips for kitchen ideas to help you maximize your space:

Use The Walls Effectively

If your kitchen cabinets are full, most people start to pile things on the countertops which can make it difficult to cook and clean on a daily basis with the new clutter. Adding hooks to the wall can give you added space so you can save your countertops. Hooks above the sink are great to hold coffee mugs or place them over your stove to hang cooking utensils for easy access.

Hang A Pot Rack

Pot racks are a great way to save a lot of kitchen cabinet space. If you have heavy pots get a pot rack that hangs from the ceiling and not one that attached to cabinet doors and you can free up a lot of cabinet storage space for other uses.

Use Your Kitchen Design Effectively

One of the most unused spaces in a small kitchen are the corners. Unless you have custom cabinets, the kitchen cabinets in your space don’t help much with corner space. If that’s the case for you, consider putting major appliances or fixtures such as the stove or sink in the corner so you can make the most out of every inch of space.

Not All Appliances Have To Be Large

With modern appliances you can get a lot of power in very small devices. Even if you have a family, thin dishwashers can easily wash a meal’s worth of dishes in one load but save space compared to a full sized washer. The same goes for other appliances such as the stove.

Use Rolling Shelves In Cabinets

With a lot of cabinets, homeowners are not able to store as much as they would like to. Most groceries simply end up filling the bottom of the shelf but most of the space goes unused. Rolling shelves created by a cabinet maker can attach inside of your kitchen cabinets for easy access to your storage and help you create more space inside the cabinet itself.

Magnetic Racks Can Go On The Refrigerator

Instead of having random magnets or photos on your refrigerator, you may want to consider magnetic racks. These racks basically create shelves on the refrigerator held up by magnets. They are not as sturdy as painted cabinets but they work just fine for holding spices.